It's not fine art. 

It's fUN aRT!!!!

The following are examples of previous commissions. 

Click on images to enlarge.

All work is done from photographs (yours or mine, depending on your location and skill with a camera)  :o)


Family Raft Trip.  20"x24".

Is there a vacation you'd like to remember?



Juliann and Ben kayaking on the Blackfoot River.  16"x20", oil.

What's your favorite hobby?  How about your kid's hobbies?


Kris and Angela celebrate "formal night" after the Prickly Pear Fun Run.  16"x20", oil.

When was the last time you broke out of your mold and did something silly?


Betsy and her sister, Peggy, recovering at the end of the Avon 60-mile, 3-day walk for Breast Cancer Research.  16"x20", oil.

Is there any family quality time you'd like to celebrate? 



Susan, Rebecca, and Bandit enjoy the summer on Susan's porch.  11"x14", oil.

Do you have a friendship you'd like to memorialize?



Bert catching fish in the middle of winter on the Yellowstone River.  16"x20", oil.

Does the man in your life love to fish, no matter what the weather?



B.W. and Sam kissing at the Lazy K Bar B ranch.  "11x14", oil.

How about a painting of you and YOUR best friend?


Susan harveting corn in her mother's basket.  8"x10", oil.

Do you have a special heirloom you'd like to pose with?


Pet chickens. 8"x10", oil.

See, I can do a portrait of WHATEVER kind of pet you have!   


Guardian Sheep.  14"x18", oil.

I've also done dogs with this starry nightime background.  Very good for kid's rooms.   


"Good Catch"  24"x36", oil.

Wouldn't you like a big naked woman and fish picture in YOUR living room?  I can recreate this painting with any face you choose!


"Betacarotene Bliss".  24"x36", oil.

Okay, maybe the fish thing is not for you.  How about a giant talking carrot?  Am I crazy?  Maybe you should order a portrait like this with a special face on it?


World's Best Dog.  36" x 48", oil.

Doesn't everyone need a life-sized painting of their dog?

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