(the artist)


Self Portrait of the Artist

I live in beautiful Helena, Montana (one of the best small art towns in the country).  I've got a one-eyed dog, three cats, and a great husband who treats me like a princess.   I like rafting, kayaking, gardening, and hanging out with friends.

By day, I am a mild-mannered scientist (geologist); but, after work, I break out the paint brushes and gO cRAZy!

I have been painting for a number of years.  I used to force my long-suffering (and fabulous) friends to pose for me.  Then, (quite by accident) I found out that people liked my goofy style, and were actually anxious to have a "piece" hanging on their wall. 

So, I started this business doing portraits on commission.  Although I enjoy painting the fabulous Montana scenary, my real love is painting people and their pets.

My work hangs in local businesses and in homes across the country.  It has been featured in the Independent Record, and has also been auctioned as part of fundraisers for the Holter Museum of Art. 

By and large, life is fUN, and I think aRT should be fUN, too!  

I try my best to have as much fun as possible everyday.  My husband, Gunnar, helps me with that.  He is truly my fUN role model.  He's the cool guy on the home page holding the snow-covered cat (Bob).


In addition to being a wife-spoiler, Gunnar is also an award-winning home brewer.  Here he is doing research in the town of Plzen on our trip to the Czech Republic. 

The little beer is for me....


It's not fine art.

It's fUN aRT!!


Oh, I also custom paint furniture and love to garden.


Here's a couple of my chairs from a recent museum auction.

2004 ArtBeats chair


P.S.  You should also note that I have FABULOUS toes! (just in case you were wondering....)

Here they are getting some pre-vacation pampering

Here they are floating on the Missouri River near Wolf Creek, MT and visiting Old Faithful in Jellystone National Park.

I also participated in a peace demonstration in January 2003.  50 women in Helena, Montana posed nude on a snow covered (and cactus strewn) hillside to send a message of PEACE.  The photo joined those from dozens of other such actions around the world, including one in Austrailia that had almost 500 women.  Can you tell which one I am?